Kickapoo joy juice is a citrus-based soft drink that originated in America in 1965. Originally appearing as a fictional, mysterious elixir in a popular comic strip, it was later brought to life as a fun, quirky, rich-flavoured carbonated soft drink named Kickapoo.

A unique taste
  • Kickapoo offers a unique citrus flavour profile. The unexpected taste gives consumers the kick needed to get the most out of every moment.
  • Lemon Twist – With the combination of various citrus, Kickapoo Lemon Twist offers an intense and refreshing experience: Citrus taste, Bergamot & Floral notes.
  • Pink Grapefruit – Kickapoo Pink Grapefruit offers a fruity taste: Citrus taste, Pink grapefruit & Fruity notes.
  • Citrus Burst – Kickapoo Citrus Burst offers an intense taste sensation with delicate bitter notes: Citrus taste, yellow grapefruit, woody notes.
  • Lemonade – Kickapoo Lemonade offer refreshing and tangy taste: Citrus Taste, Yellow Lemon & Lime Zest notes.
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