Jom Balik Kampung

Date: 11th March – 31st March 2024

How to Participate

Buy 4 pack of Yeo’s Yeogurt (any variant) in a single receipt (1 receipt = 1 entry)
The product’s brand and price must be clearly listed on the outlet Official Receipt with date stated during the contest period (“Proof of Purchase”).

WhatsApp full name, first 6 digit NRIC, receipt of purchase to: +601139308798

Each valid and complete entry submitted must meet the following criteria: –

a) All receipts submitted must be clearly printed and show the name of outlet, date, official receipt number, purchase quantity and price of Yeo’s product in order to be accepted as a valid entry.

Eligible Contestant will receive an official notification from the Organizer in 1 to 3 working days for each successful submission.

Retain original Official Receipt as Proof of Purchase and for verification purposes.

Terms and Conditions Apply